Railroad Boy Gov't Mule

Нужно gov t mule дискография? Отлично, так как это именно то, зачем мы тратили время. Наши программисты и менеджеры потратили много времени и энергии, чтобы предоставить тебе отличный сервис в сети!

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Исполнитель песни: Gov't Mule

Название произведения: Railroad Boy

Длительность mp3 файла: 05:03

Датировано: 2014-12-01

Текст набрал просмотров: 366

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She went upstairs to make her bed
And not a word to her mother said
Her mother, she went upstairs too said
"Daughter, oh daughter, what's troubling you?"

Oh mother, I cannot tell
That railroad boy that I love so well
He courted me, my life away
And now at home will no longer stay

There's a place in London town
Where the railroad boy goes and sits down
Takes a strange girl on his knee
Says things to her he won't say to me

Her father, he came home from work, said
"Where's my daughter, what's troubling her?"
He went upstairs to give her hope
Found her hanging by a rope

He took his knife, cut her down
And on her bosom these words were found
Oh dig my grave both wide and deep, place
A marble stone at my head and feet

And on my breast place a white snow dove
Won't you tell the world that I died for love
To tell the world I died of love
Tell the world that I died for love
Wont you tell the world that I died for love

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